Get more with Pixel ID! Discover all the new rewards

Dear dispatchers, many of you are already familiar with some of the perks of having a Pixel ID, such as account backup and cross-device gameplay. Recently, we introduced the first set of Pixel ID rewards. Have you had a chance to explore them yet? Let’s dive deeper into what they have to offer.

Pixel ID rewards are now available for players at level 11 and above. All rewards are permanent, only the Dispatcher is temporary.


Discover the benefits of Pixel ID: 

Daily Free Part Box: Receive additional parts to upgrade your trains and progress faster. This box refreshes every 22 hours.

Temporary Dispatcher Maya: Expedite train dispatching and task completion with Maya, available for a full 7 days.

Exclusive Station Building: Enhance your station with a unique building exclusive to Pixel ID members. Unlock additional city population and an extra plot of land.


Extra Pixel whistles in the station, with a chance for gems.


Don’t miss out on these exciting rewards! Explore the benefits of Pixel ID and elevate your TrainStation 2 experience today.

Your journey with Pixel ID benefits is ongoing. We will continue to unveil more rewards over time. Stay tuned!