Dear Station Managers,

we would like to share with you information about the latest login option in the game.

The Pixel ID has been implemented into TrainStation 2 and other Pixel Federation games in order to provide our players with an additional layer of safety when it comes to safeguarding their game accounts. Furthermore, the Pixel ID in TrainStation 2 is the only way to access Pixel Shop with all of its great deals. But about that later.


What is a Pixel ID?

The Pixel ID is essentially an email login option for your TrainStation 2 game account. By creating a Pixel ID, you will be able to access your game account safely, recover it in case something happens to your current device and even transfer it to a different device if necessary.

Furthermore, connecting a Pixel ID to your TrainStation 2 game account provides you with various benefits, including having an additional Whistles and Parts Box at your fingertips.

How to set up the Pixel ID

Creating a Pixel ID is simple! To start, tap on the option ‘Pixel ID’ in the game’s Settings menu. This will take you through the steps, where you can create a new Pixel ID or log in to an existing Pixel ID. If you are not sure if you already have a Pixel ID or not, don’t worry, even if you select the option to create a new Pixel ID when you already have one, the system will be able to pair you with your existing Pixel ID.

Now, once you input your email address into the required field, you’ll have an option to join in our newsletter. We kindly suggest doing so, as there are many interesting information in each newsletter, as well as the Redeem Codes for free goodies for your game. And should you not wish to receive our newsletters anymore, you can always opt out of them via the Pixel ID Settings menu. No hard feelings, we promise.

If you select the option to create a new Pixel ID, please follow the on-screen prompts to fill in your email address, which will be used for logging in to your game account. Afterwards, you will be requested to verify your email address via a message sent to your email address’ inbox. Since your email inbox settings may vary, please be sure to check in your spam/junk folder as well, in case you are not seeing the verification email.

The verification can be done by clicking on the ‘verify’ button or by scanning the attached QR code.

Please note though, that if you are verifying your email using the ‘verify’ button, you will need to open the verification email on the same device you are playing the game on for the verification to work.

How to verify my Pixel ID?

After confirming your email address for the Pixel ID, don’t forget to verify it via the link received into your inbox (check your spam folder too, just in case). You’ll have two options for verification of your email:

  • via the provided link. Simply click on the ‘Verify’ button to verify your email address. Simple, right? Please keep in mind though, that you’ll need to do this on the same device you play TrainStation 2 on. Just drop the game app into the background, open your mailing app and select the email you have received. Then, tap on the ‘Verify’ button and you should be returned to the game app.
  • via the provided QR code. Under the ‘Verify’ button, there’s a QR code, which can be scanned to verify the email address for your Pixel ID. You can open the email on any other device and scan the code with the device you are playing TrainStation 2 on. Your camera app or scanner app like Google Lens should work fine with the QR code and once the code is scanned, you should be returned to the game app again.

Now, we understand, that this process may not be the easiest one for every player. Therefore, should you require any help with verifying your email address, or in case you’ve come across an issue, that prevented you from verifying your email address, please contact our Support, so we can assist you.

What if I already have a Pixel ID (from another PF game)?

Since Pixel ID is a global login available in multiple of Pixel Federation’s games, you may already have a Pixel ID from a different game. In that case, please be sure to select the option ‘Log in’, when setting up a Pixel ID in your TrainStation 2 game account.

Once done, you may see a prompt asking whether you wish to overwrite the currently-available game account on your device. This may happen if a different game account from the same game is already connected to your Pixel ID. So, for example, if you are moving your level 900 game account from your previous device to a new device using a Pixel ID login, you may see a prompt asking whether you wish to overwrite the game account currently accessible on your new device. Please be sure to select the game account you with to continue playing, so the correct TrainStation 2 game account may be available on your new device this way.

Again though, should you require assistance with this action or you are not sure about what to do, please reach out to our Support for further assistance.

Your Pixel ID profile

After you set up your Pixel ID, you will be able to change your username from the default one and also create a profile picture from the provided avatars and backgrounds. You can change these as many times as you’d like to, so feel free to experiment.

In your profile, you will also find links to other Pixel Federation games. Tapping on the ‘Play’ button under the game will take you to the game app you’ve selected, if you have it already installed. In case you do not have the app on your device, the ‘Play’ button will take you to the app store, where you can download said game to your device.

What are some key benefits?

Using the Pixel ID login option will provide several interesting benefits:

  • you will have an additional security level on your game account
  • no more worries about logging in using the correct Google/Apple account
  • transferring your game account between Android and iOS devices will be much easier
  • access our Portal page and other games directly from your game (this functionality is limited at this time)
  • access the newly-opened Pixel Shop (this functionality is limited at this time and works for TrainStation 2 only)

One more thing though: tapping on the ‘Play’ button under the game you are currently playing will not do anything, as you are already in said game. So, for example, tapping on the ‘Play’ button under the TrainStation 2 game card whilst in the TrainStation 2 game app won’t provide any results… but you already knew that, right?

Pixel ID and Pixel Shop connection

One of the key benefits of having a Pixel ID attached to your game account is the availability of the Pixel Shop. Since we wish to bring the best possible offers to our players, the Pixel Shop has always something extra on offer. For example, each Gem package purchased through the Pixel Shop offers extra 10% Gems, compared to the Gem packages offered directly through the game app.

There are also Event Pass offers (when an Event with an Event Pass is active) available in the Pixel Shop and many more interesting additions are planned for the future, so please be sure to check the Pixel Shop often.

Furthermore, to ensure you don’t miss any special offers, we recommend signing up for the newsletter in the Pixel ID menu, in case you have not done so already.

For more information about the Pixel Shop, please have a look at the [following article] on our forum.

FAQ and troubleshooting

To help you with any issues you may come across regarding the Pixel ID, we kindly suggest reading the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in the Pixel ID menu. Should you experience any situation you would like to discuss with our Support though, please feel free to contact us directly via our Support page. Any feedback or questions regarding the Pixel ID are very much encouraged, as we wish to provide our players with the best possible experience.

Best wishes & see you on the tracks!