Join us for a new and very special event!

Exciting news! TrainStation2 and the Prague Railway Kingdom are joining forces for the Railway Kingdom event. Build the same train diorama you can see in Prague’s Railway Kingdom. Join us as the historic center of Prague materializes before your eyes with each completed job. Let the railway adventure commence!
more about this unique partnership: https://pxfd.co/b61 

Duration: 09.01.2024 12:00 (UTC) – 29.01.2024 12:00 (UTC)

(Event Shop available until 31.01.2024 12:00 UTC (48 hours after the end of the Event) – during this period, you can complete your unfinished Event jobs and use the rest of your Event Currencies such as Event Coins and Event Keys in the Event Shop. Please note that during this period, you will stop receiving new Event jobs).

Watch event trailer:

You can always check the remaining time under the event icon:


(The Event is available to all Station Managers from level 12)

The Map

Here is our diorama. Let’s finish it together, so we can FINALLY have some model trains on the tracks!
Oh, and you can chose the buildings that will be placed in each zone. Pretty neat, right?

Raw Materials






These Materials can be collected directly from the Event map.

Factory Materials



Can be made from

Model Rail

Tools, Foam

Outsourcing Factory

(info below)

Model Tree

Foam, Cardboard

Model House

Cardboard, Nails, Tools

Model Bridge

Rail, Cardboard, Steel

Model Forest

Model Tree, Foam

Model Town

Model House, Model Bridge, Saw

Factory materials can be produced in Event Factories at your Station.

New Feature: Outsourcing Factory

In case you would like just a bit of assistance with producing some of the Factory Materials, please check out the brand-new Outsourcing Factory available for purchase in the Event Region!

Event Currencies



How to get it

Railway Key

Collected from Jobs

Railway Coins

Rewarded from Competitions

Event Points

Collected from jobs

Event Contractors

Help our Contractors MichelleSam and Jane build a train diorama, that will captivate train enthusiasts of all ages! Complete their jobs and get Event Points, Event Keys and XP points!


Compete in the Competitions to win special Event Coins usable in the Event Shop!

List of all Competitions during the Event:

09.01.2024 – 11.01.2024
12.01.2024 – 15.01.2024
16.01.2024 – 18.01.2024
19.01.2024 – 22.01.2024
23.01.2024 – 25.01.2024
26.01.2024 – 29.01.2024

(Each Competition starts and ends at 12:00 UTC)

New Event Trains

NOTE: Each purchased train will be added into your current highest reached region at the time of the purchase. (example: if your highest region is Region 3 – USA and you purchase an Event train, it will be assigned to your Train Depot in Region 3 – USA and will remain there after the Event ends)

These trains can be purchased in the Event Shop:


Rarity + Era


Common Diesel

Class FC

no. 2310

Rare Steam

West Ham 16

Epic Electric

Viaggio Comfort

Legendary Electric

Effi Shunter 300

Legendary Diesel

(Event Coins)

DRG Class V

140 001

Common Diesel

(Gold Coins)

Etat 141-001

Rare Steam

(Gold Coins)

New Feature: Badge Trains

With the introduction of Badge Trains, there are some small changes in the Event gameplay: All Event trains will have their Event Badge and certain portion of Event jobs will require only these to get the tasks finished. Do not worry, though, the Event trains you add to your collection will be powerful enough throughout the Event because they will automatically get +10 power boost that will last during the whole Event.

What is more, you will have the opportunity to purchase some Event trains for Gold Coins.

Event Pass Train

Lime Rare Diesel

This train can be obtained only from the Event Pass.

(For more information about the Event pass click here.)

Note: After the purchase of the Event Pass, only the Special Train will be received automatically. The rest of the Event Pass rewards, along with the normal rewards, need to be unlocked by gathering Event Points and progressing through the Event.