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Pixel shop is here!

What is the Pixel Shop?

The Pixel Shop is a new platform, that provides our players with the opportunity to purchase in-game packages for their favourite games. Although it is currently available only for TrainStation 2 players, it will be a ‘one-stop shop’ for many of our games, where players can access purchaseable packages.

What is the purpose of the Pixel Shop?

You may be asking: “We already have these packages available directly in the game. Why should I bother with the Pixel Shop?”

Well, to answer your very important and fair question, we would like to mention, that since the Pixel Shop will figure as an independent shop for all games, we can offer better value for the purchased packages. For example, Gem packages purchased via the Pixel Shop will contain few extra Gems, when compared to the Gem packages available via the in-game Shop.

How can I access the Pixel Shop?

The Pixel Shop can be accessed from a web browser via the Pixel Shop webpage or via a direct link in our newsletter.

To access the Pixel Shop, you will need an active Pixel ID connected to your email login though. To learn more about the Pixel ID, please have a look at the following article: [link].

Okay, I get it. But what else can we expect here?

Further to available purchases for many of our games(*), players may expect future additions, that may provide even more value. For any further announcements related to the Pixel Shop, we would like to suggest following our social media channels as well as subscribe to our newsletter.

(*) – due to the gradual release of the Pixel Shop, it will be only available for TrainStation 2 players at this time, however, launch of the Pixel Shop for further games is planned for the near future.

We hope you’ll enjoy the offers available in the Pixel Shop, dear Managers.

Best wishes & see you on the tracks!