Prague Diorama Delight: Build Your Railway Realm in the new TrainStation 2 event!

We teamed up with like-minded train enthusiasts from Railway Kingdom to bring you a new and exciting event, where you construct your very own Prague diorama, mirroring the fascinating details of the Kingdom of Railway model. Forget about messy glues and tools – all you need is your trusty mobile phone and your game skills.

Watch trailer:


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Even if you’ve never strolled through the enchanting streets of Prague, fear not! This event offers a fresh perspective that will allow you to discover the city in a way unlike any other. After all, who else can claim to have intimately explored the iconic Charles Bridge through the lens of the best train game ever?

Footage from the new event:

The Railway Kingdom in Prague:

Big shoutout to the Railway Kingdom for sharing our passion for the train world and for making this exciting collaboration possible! We wholeheartedly recommend to venture beyond the virtual realm and visit the Railway Kingdom in Prague. With an expansive 600m² of model railways, diverse regions of Bohemia, functional simulators, and cutting-edge virtual reality experiences, it promises a day of joy for you, your family, and friends.

Visit the kingdom of railways too, more info:

Now take a break from the hustle and immerse yourself in your diorama and the rhythmic clatter of railway tracks beneath your virtual locomotives. Because life is better with trains! 

Did you know that TrainStation 2 was crafted in the heart of Bratislava, a mere 330 km from the enchanting city of Prague? Many of our team members have personally explored the captivating streets and landmarks that grace the capital of the Czech Republic. How about you? Have you ever had the pleasure of experiencing the allure of Prague firsthand? 

How we created the Railway Kingdom Event: