Unveil the secrets of Trainstation2's Science Station event!

Event is available for players with level 12 and above.

Event Timers

Type of Action

Start Date

End Date

Event duration

12th March, 12:00 UTC

3rd April, 12:00 UTC

Main and Generated Event Jobs

12th March, 12:00 UTC

1st April, 12:00 UTC

Event Shop

12th March, 12:00 UTC

3rd April,12:00 UTC


Watch trailer:

The event jobs and competitions will be generated only during their active time period – therefore, after 1st April at 12:00 UCT, the last remaining jobs can be completed for extra currencies but new jobs will not generate further.

You can also always check the remaining time under the event icon.

The Map

Progress through the Event to obtain various rewards and Event trains!

Raw Materials

These materials can be gained from the Event Map and its material destinations.

Factory Materials

Factory materials can be produced in Event Factories at your station, specifically these:

Event currencies

New Event Currency – Nano Particles

You may ask what the Nano particle will be used for – during this event, you will gain the Currency from some Event Jobs.

Nano Particles can be used to exchange for Event Keys or Normal Keys in the Event Shop, or to obtain the NGT Cargo (Epic) Electric train – the Train can be gained by completing a special Event Job that requires a set amount of the Currency.

(For an overview of the Epic train, see the “New Event Trains” section)!

The job that includes the specified train will also be listed in the Event shop until it is completed.
After completion, it will not be visible in the shop anymore!

The Job will require only Badge trains from the current Event.

Event Contractors

During this Event, you will encounter 3 new contractors! Meet EricVictor, and Vera, who are determined to search for ways to construct new trains of the highest technical quality!

Event Competitions

Compete in the competitions  to win special Event Coins usable in the Event Shop!

List of all competitions during the event:

12th March 2024 – 14th March 2024
15th March 2024 – 18th March 2024
19th March 2024 – 21st March 2024
22nd March 2024 – 25th March 2024
26th March 2024 – 28th March 2024
29th March 2024 – 1st April 2024
(Each competition starts and ends at 12:00 UTC)

New Event Trains

NOTE: Each purchased train will be added to your current highest-reached region at the time of the purchase. (For example: if your highest region is USA and you purchase an event train, it will be assigned to your USA trains and will also remain there after the event ends)

These trains can be purchased in the Event Shop:

  • Prima T8 AZ8A (Common) – Electric

  • Shen 24 (Rare) – Electric

  • T1 550 (Legendary) – Steam

  • Hornby LNER 43 (Legendary) – Diesel – For Event Coins

Do not forget the badge trains available for coins and keys!

  • DB class 240 (Common) – Diesel

  • Soviet Class L (Rare) – Steam

But that’s not all – there are 2 more trains awaiting to help you in your rails!

  • Black Beetle (Rare) – Diesel
  • gained from Event Pass

  • NGT Cargo (Epic) – Electric
  • gained from completing Event Job with Nano Particles

Need to find out more about the Badge Trains?

All event trains, including the ones available for Event Coins and Event Keys, are called badge trains. The event trains have their event badge and certain portions of event jobs will require only these to get the tasks finished.

Do not worry, though, all event trains you manage to add to your collection will be powerful enough throughout the event because they automatically get +10 power boost that will last during the whole event and will be removed as soon as the event ends.

As you see, there is plenty of work but also plenty of fun ahead of you. Enjoy the magical journeys!

Event Pass & More

During this Event, you will have a chance to obtain the Event Pass, along with the train Black Beetle (Rare) – Diesel

(For more information about the Event pass click HERE.)

Note: After the purchase of the Event Pass, only the first reward will be received automatically.
The rest of the Event Pass rewards, along with the normal rewards, need to be unlocked by gathering Event Points and progressing through the Event.

Dispatcher + Factory Event Pass will also be available for purchase. This increases your event progress with one extra event factory and dispatcher until the end of the event.

We believe the brand-new Outsourcing Factory, that provides your trains with Magnet, will pull you in – it is available for purchase in the Event Region!

We are excited to see the possibilities of further growing technologies – we will see you across the tracks!